Freeware programs and links to useful commercial software



Windows software for downloading data from older loggers - GL, GLX, LL
The original DOS software cannot communicate with the logger on Windows XP and later versions.

  SmartLogger SmartLogger download software
• save to CSV, xls
  Graph + wind rose Wind Rose & graphing software for SmartLogger data
Export to Excel, EMF, jpeg


Our terminal program for Windows PC
  PCS Logger PCS Windows PC logging software
• display real time data, automatically log data to a CSV file
  MdmSetup Modem configuration loader and test tool



Windows Mobile terminal and downloader for SmartLogger
  USB driver USB driver for SmartLogger and SI8U 
CP2102 interface chip
  Hercules terminal A useful Windows serial + TCP terminal program from the HW Group

EC calibration

 EC calibration software