03/10/2017 12:21:25 Transverter User reviews

from happy customers !

09/08/2017 15:14:10 Transverter 630m & 2200m firmware release 109

109 Release Notes:

11/05/2017 10:03:09 2200m Transverter available now

THe Monitor Sensors 2200m Transverter is now available for immediate delivery

16/11/2016 13:30:09 Firmware release 104

104 Release Notes:

16/09/2016 08:23:38 Longest 630m QSO

11,822.7 km JT9 QSO success - Australia to Canada. The new Monitor Sensors 630m Transverter was used at each station.

05/07/2016 09:13:09 630m Transverter

Our new 630m transverter is now available for sale. Place your order now to avoid delays! The Monitor Sensors 630m Transverter enables any Amateur Radio Station, equipped with a conventional HF transceiver, immediate, all mode, access to the new 472-479 kHz, 630m band.

30/10/2012 08:33:10 Modbus data

The Ethernet SmartLogger with ModbusTCP support

30/10/2012 08:31:10 Ethernet Logger

The SmartLogger with ethernet

15/06/2012 15:24:56 BGAN Satellite M2M

We have successfully connected the Ethernet SmartLogger to a BGAN M2M satellite system. We get successful connections more than 90% of the time and all data is uploaded automatically by our web database software.

14/06/2012 08:22:04 Smartlogger PLC functions

The PLC SmartLogger can control outputs and respond to and generate SMS alerts.