Water Quality

Monitor Sensors manufacture a range of interchangeable intelligent sensors for connection to a data logger or to a PC or SCADA system via a serial data interface.
The µSmart sensors can be ordered with analogue and/or control output options :
2-10 Hz, 0-1 volts, 0-2.5 volts, 0-10 volts, 4-20mA

Our EC sensors provide the following readings - raw conductivity, water temperature, temperature corrected conductivity and NaCl equivilant mg/l.

ECAConductivity Sensor0 ... 500µS EC.pdf
EC1Conductivity Sensor0 ... 1000µS EC.pdf
EC2Conductivity Sensor0 ... 2000µS EC.pdf
EC3Conductivity Sensor0 ... 5000µS EC.pdf
EC4Conductivity Sensor0 ... 10,000µS EC.pdf
EC5Conductivity Sensor0 ... 20,000µS EC.pdf
EC6Conductivity Sensor0 ... 50,000µS EC.pdf
EC7Conductivity Sensor0 ... 100,000µS EC.pdf