RG1 Rain Gauge 1mm bucket RG brief 00.pdf

Specifications: · Stainless steel jewelled bearings
· High quality reed switch & magnet
· Powder coated aluminium body
· Stainless steel filter
· High durability cable
Measurement range:
Operational range:
1mm per tip maximum 720mm/hr
± 1 tip per rainfall event 
 -20°C to +60°C 0% to 100%RH
Output options: · Monibus serial data ASCII format
·  1 pulse per tip n/o contact
Power Supply:
Supply current:
6-28 Vdc unregulated
1.2 mA active, 0.5 mA economy mode
Sensor weight: 3.5kg packed
Dimensions: Overall height - 400 mm x 350 mm Ø
Mounting: adjustable feet M12 stainless steel bolts
Cable Details: Standard product has 4m of cable - other cable lengths may be ordered
Warranty: 12 months - full details can be found in the Monitor Sensors standard warranty document http://www.monitorsensors.com/docs/std_warranty.pdf
Pricing: contact sales@monitorsensors.com